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Posted: April 8, 2012 in General Announcements
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I’m the author of six published novels in Australia and around the world- four horror books that were also brought out in the UK (and sneaked into other parts of Europe it seems), an historical war novel that was licensed by Reader’s Digest in Australia and The Netherlands, plus a crime thriller that did get some bookshelf time in the US, but has since become a successful release (we tend to shy away from the term “best seller” to avoid comparisons) in Germany. When I’m not writing books, I do freelance technical articles for magazines about music recording hardware and software. So not surprisingly, I’m a working musician with a small project studio and a solo career- meaning I get paid by several pubs and restaurants to sit in the corner, drink too much beer and play my guitar.
So does all the above make me an expert on anything? Particularly on writing? Maybe on music and recording? Not really. But I’ve experienced a few things and perhaps that experience can add a little credibility to my never-so-humble opinions and raving.

As far as being a writer and a novelist, like many authors I’m making the transition from the traditional, print publishing format to ebooks and fortunately Momentum Publishers has offered a huge amount of help and support in that regard. However, one of my first tasks is to update this WordPress site and make it my principle website, because the WordPress system is so much easier! Busy days!

  1. brett danvers says:

    Hi Graeme.

    I just finished reading your WW1 novel ‘and in the morning’. Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Your characters and descriptions of the battlefield were very believable.

    A couple of points for the next edition.
    P134 a Quartermaster Sergeant should be issuing the rifles ( I used to be one ). I dont think we have ever had Master Sergeants.

    P365 should be hydrogen in the observation balloon – helium is inert, no chance of fire.

    thanks again Brett

    • Graeme Hague says:

      Hi Brett, apologies for the very, very long time in replying. I’m still getting my head around this side of things. Thanks for the Quartermaster thing- I simply didn’t research this enough. As for the hydrogen versus helium part it was a matter of much laughing and finger-pointing (and a few beers) between my editor Mark and myself, because he picked up some amazing, small-detail errors in the manuscript yet both of us missed this blatant mistake! I’m blaming too much Biggles in my childhood- although WE Johns probably got it right.

      You can find AITM as an ebook here (post a review, if you like), but I’m really telling you this to provide the links to my other books, too.

      Thanks again, Graeme Hague

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