Missing Pieces

Missing OriginalMissing Pieces

A terrified secretary finds a severed finger in an elevator. A week later, in another building, a hand is found–from a different victim. What will be next? An arm or a leg? Someone’s head? As Detective John Maiden confronts the mounting horror of the crimes he knows more lives are at stake. And not just those of the killer’s next targets. The kidnapping of a young girl has raised the stakes even higher as her captor wants to get his deeds noticed–and the front pages of the newspapers are giving him nasty ideas. This is a chilling story of murder, revenge and vicious abduction. Note: Some content may not be deemed suitable for readers under the age of 16.

Author’s Introduction:

I was having lunch with my publishers one day (not being a smart-ass here, I normally lived thousands of miles away, so it was a sort of once-a-year thing I did) –and we discussed the concept of me trying to write a crime novel – something I hadn’t done before considering my previous horror novels. It was one of those only half-serious suggestions that come from too much red wine and beer, but I went away giving it some thought and as I rode the lift up to my hotel room I wondered, what would someone do if they discovered an amputated finger on the elevator floor? Missing Pieces was born–it’s as simple as that. The book was released in Australia, the United States and more recently Germany where’s it’s been a best seller. I must try and remember what kind of wine and beer I was drinking at lunch that day…


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