Graeme Hague EBooks Available Now

These are ebooks I’ve released independently – and prior – of the deal I’ve signed with Momentum which will digitally release all my published. To explain, Momentum asked if it could release my previously (in print) titles and these ebooks didn’t fall into that category. 
As soon as they’re available I’ll put up here links to the Momentum releases, Momentum’s website… everything you need to know. In the meantime…

Ghost Tales, Four Stories Of The Dead Among Us

Price $1.95 Special promotion price.

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Four horror stories that will have you leaving the light on all night and the doors and windows firmly locked. A young widow wishes that her beloved husband had never died–and gets more than she bargained for. A platoon of German soldiers struggling through a deep snowstorm in the Ardennes Forest in 1944 come across a strange abbey in the middle of the woods and decide to force themselves upon the nun’s hospitality. A young couple driving on a holiday to the north coast pick up the worst kind of hitch-hiker and don’t even know it. The captain of a fishing trawler refuses the local priest’s blessing of the fleet and sails into the arms of the dreaded King of the Sea.

Are the Dead among us? Is your room filled with ghosts right now? Of course they are–where else are they going to go, once they’re dead?

Author’s Introduction:

These are not “short” stories–far from it. In fact, Footprints In The Snow is over 200 pages long in the old way of measuring things. All combined, the four stories are longer than a normal book. However, individually each story was born from an idea that ultimately didn’t create a book-length manuscript, which isn’t to say the idea failed. It’s actually a good thing that I resisted the temptation to pad the writing out–include extra subplots to simply add pages and make an entire book. Each story stands on its own and is focused only on what it was supposed to do–scare the hell out of the reader. So why is Ghost Tales so cheap? It’s a promotional thing that will hopefully encourage readers to look for my other novels. Of course, I reckon you’re getting a bargain. Warning; it may not stay this cheap for long…

Life And Other Annoying Interruptions

Life and Other Annoying Moments RedFor a long time my friends and colleagues have been urging me to write a “funny” book. That’s a scary thing to try and do, because “funny” and humour in general are very subjective and stuff I might decide is absolutely hilarious might be complete crap to everyone else. But the idea for this book came into my head some years back and I really believed it might work. The problem however is that back then ebooks and digital publishing were relatively new and with my agent we searched for a traditional print publisher. “Life and Other Annoying Interruptions” isn’t a long book- about half the length of my past novels and that always made it a difficult proposition to sell to a paperback publisher. Plus all my previous books were horror, crime and war novels- and it’s hard to promote an existing author in a new genre. So the book didn’t get a publisher and to be honest that was no surprise… hey, it happens to authors everywhere, both experienced and novices. At least I wrote it. That’s always a good start.

The new age of digital and self-publishing has changed a lot of things. With ebooks your novel can be 300 words or 300,000 words long- it makes no difference in the publishing process. Really, it only comes down to price and asking people to pay what you think the book is worth. I’m only asking $1.99 cent per book, because I don’t want to be too greedy and like I said, it’s smaller than my other books.

So here’s “Life and Other Annoying Interruptions”. It’s full of very black, rather cynical humour that I’ll happily agree maybe isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I figure you’re only gambling two bucks to find out. It follows a short time in the life of John, his wife Vivian and their two kids. John is the kind of guy you should love to hate and at the same time relate to almost everything he finds annoying. There’s a lot of “Grumpy Old Men” in this (except John isn’t old) and I swear on a stack of dictionaries that I started writing this a long time before any of those “grumpy” programs started appearing on television. Maybe someone read one of my early drafts and stole the idea? Bastards!

Anyway, the following links will take you to downloads at Amazon, which is a Kindle version, and to Smashwords which will let you choose any file version you need for iPads, Smartphones, Nooks… everything really. If you enjoy the book I’d appreciate it, if you could find the time to post a brief review where you bought it. And always feel free to drop me line, too. Make sure you put something decent in the “Subject” line though- the spam filters aren’t too clever.

Regards, Graeme Hague.

Amazon Version (Kindle)

Smashwords (All other version)

  1. Naomi Harada says:

    have been waiting for a kindle version and finally its on amazon! thanks! big fan of voices of evil partly due to the link of the history of egypt.

  2. Bill Robbins says:

    Just finished And In The Morning. Fantastic, could not put it down. More please.

    • Graeme Hague says:

      Hi Bill, sorry for the long time responding. Glad you liked “And In The Morning”. I have been writing another Gallipoli novel, something that focuses just on that campaign, but I must admit it keeps getting pushed back as other commitments demand my time. But your comment has reminded me of how proud I am of AITM and just how much I like writing in that genre… so I’m going to find time, make space, etc to make this happen. Thanks for your encouragement! Graeme Hague.

  3. Michael Oberhardt says:

    Any chance of audiobook editions of any of these? I have the print versions of your old horror novels (and love them) and see they are on kindle now – I’d love audiobook versions as that is my primary form of “reading” these days…

    • Graeme Hague says:

      Hi Michael, great to hear from you. Audio books are a bit of a funny one… In the past you might sell the audio rights to a specialised publisher and the unspoken understanding was you were helping sight-impaired people and nobody expected to make any money (as such), so the publishers were very careful about the books they chose because they’re comparatively expensive to produce with actor’s fees for the voice-over. They looked at my books, but they never made the cut. Nowadays, like yourself, heaps of people listen to them and they’ve grown in popularity — but they’re still expensive to make and in Australia the few publishers doing them still need to pick serious “winners”. I reckon quite a few novels would in the queue in front of mine!

  4. Michael Oberhardt says:

    A shame that ACX isn’t available to Australians then, as I thought the pricing was actually pretty reasonable now. and get whispersync done and you can get people getting the kindle and audio version. Although it is probably possible to get around it with a US or UK billing account.

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