The Devil’s Numbers

Devils OriginalThe Devil’s Numbers

Air force F-111 pilot Russell Cross gets a near-fatal shock when his dead Gulf War friend reappears in the cockpit. A haunted German submarine in 1915 seems destined to plunge into oblivion, if the ghosts aboard will have their way. A computer expert meets a bizarre and terrible death.

A witness to all these seemingly random events is the ghostly spectre of Matthew, a young boy who in another lifetime opened the door to an unspeakable horror. Now Matthew is preparing to wreak havoc on a luxury super-liner that could be bound for the bottom of the sea, too. And Matthew’s going to take Russell Cross with him.

Anything can happen and you might count the cost with your life, when you start doing your sums with The Devil’s Numbers.

Author’s Introduction:

It occurred to me one day that as computers “crunch” numbers faster and faster, maybe we’re coming nearer to opening hidden doors that are best left closed? Creating cracks in our dimension and time by making calculations that should never be figured out and solving puzzles that should never be answered? This is the basic idea behind The Devil’s Numbers–new technology creating an opportunity for ancient evil to step through a gap into the present day. Added to this, I’ve adapted an old, true story about a haunted German U-boat during the First World War. I came across it when I was younger and it scared the hell out of me, because it rang as so genuine–so undoubtedly true in the real sense of the word.

I had a lot of fun bringing The Devil’s Numbers all together. There’s witchcraft from hundreds of years ago, ghosts from the beginning of the twentieth century and a whole, new kind of evil born in the world today.


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