Voices Of Evil

Voices Second Cover

A friend’s 3 year-old once pointed to a poster of this book and said happily, “Look at the big doggy!” A cover design fail perhaps?

Voices Of Evil

A deranged Gallipoli veteran is locked in a padded cell. Two beautiful, young women meet their grisly deaths. In an old, metal tin sits an ancient charm and the demon that lives within it is being released into our world again. When journalist Brendan Craft discovers the mysterious Egyptian charm a series of terrifying events is unleashed-events similar to those suffered by a young soldier as he fought for his life in the trenches of Gallipoli in 1915. Confronted with an evil beyond his imagining, Brendan becomes locked in a battle for his sanity. Where does the dream end and the reality begin? Death may be the only escape from the Voices of Evil.

Author’s Introduction:

For Voices of Evil I decided to turn all my previous concepts of writing horror stories on their head. Instead of having my main characters trapped in a dreadful situation they couldn’t escape–a locked house or a walled basement–I wanted them haunted and terrified in the middle of the day. In the middle of a room filled people. In the middle of normal, everyday circumstances we all find ourselves in… get the idea? You’d think you could escape–but still you can’t. The idea of using an Egyptian curse might seem a bit “been there, done that”, but I really wanted to write the parallel story of Australian soldiers during the First World War, fighting at Gallipoli, who also experienced the same haunting evil as they battled with the horror of the trenches. Australian diggers trained in Egypt on their way to the Dardanelles, so it was a kind of “given” that all the trouble should come from an ancient Egyptian something, right?

Of course, it’s not just a curse. This isn’t a “curse” story. It’s a horror story, so it’s got everything. By the way, have you checked among all the old stuff you’ve had in those cupboards since for as long as you can remember? Who knows what you’ve got lurking on a shelf somewhere, just waiting for you to take off the lid…


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